Wednesday, July 16, 2008



not in a good mood...
soo much things dat i think of..
really miss my frens..
n donoe how my life will be in gadjah mada..
wonder how am i going to survive there...
wonder what will happen here soon when i'm not around..
do i reach the day to be there??..
i feel like spinning my head of..

but no matter how hard it is to do..
dis is my way dat i chose..
the only way for me to turn over a new leaf..
as long as i'm in the right path..
i believe..
what ever it takes..
i have put my trust on Allah S.W.T..

nothing more..

esok mungkin ada tapi belum pasti untuk kita..
sooo.. get prepare for the day!!

jazakumullah khaira

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