Friday, December 26, 2008

prektis MUET ke ape??


its been a long time since i din write my blog in english .. yeahhh.. why la una?? aisshh~
i just feel my english ability has become worst n worst.. lack of english comunication maybe... d0 alert okeyh.. i only said maybe.. but i do think so0... and to everyone who read my blog.. be pleasure to tegor me as if i'm using any wrong term in my writing.. hope u guys could understand every single word dat i try t0 deliver since my english is not superb fantastic like shakespere or others.. but, i'm still learning.. huu~ feel like writing an essay for spm la plak!! ahahaha

there is something dat u guys dont know about me!! which is i dont LIKE to read any kind of english stuffs(more t0 journal n novels).. huaaa~ i tried nurture myself t0 love wif english reading stuffs.. but it seems like forcing me t0 take medicine!! i dont like Obat.. and i just dont like.. not hate okeyh.. so0o0o... but i do want to have a great english capability... camno neh??... honestly, there are thousands of interesting books dat i found great.. but, i just wish "cant it be in Malay??" how bad am i.. and as i think, there is not much english books dat i have entirely finished read them... ahaaaa~ and since i'm here in jogja.. i think, the possibility for me t0 read english materials is very low near t0 zer0.. why.. why..n why.. ?? urmmm~ because, there are many translated books, novels and so on.. waaaahh... so0o.. they actually help me!! u know wat, even they translated it in indonesian, i could understand it n accept it wif a pleasure.. but only f0r non academic bo0ks actually.. hehehe.. take a look to all these books dat have been translated to indonesian language..

differ goes to education materials.. i'm a lil bit mengong if study using indonesian language.. especially when i go tru the notes.. aissshh.. i even read the same pages for more then twice but still could not understand... luckily i have my previous notes when i was in kmns.. so0o, it helps a l0t!!! syukur alhamdulillah... but i have to get used wif indonesia language since my stdy within this 4 years will be in it.. urmm~ insyaAllah i can make it..

so0o.. da conclusi0n is "cintailah bahasa ibunda anda!!" iaitu?? BAHASA MELAYU ke BAHASA MALAYSIA?? ahaaaa~ y mane plak neh??

however, all the languages i stated above cannot be compared at all t0 "allughatul arabiah" ~ the only language being used t0 present the last testament which is Al-Quranul Karim~ bahasa syurga~

okeyh.. off english rec..
sekian sahaje untuk hari ini..
hari esok mungkin ada, tapi belom pasti milik kita, pastikan hari ini adalah terbaik dari semalam.. dan jika dapat mengecap hari esok, jadikan ia yang terbaik daripada hari ini..

p/s: i told u dat my english is baD!!

jazakumullah khaira

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